Don't Dodge the Drafts
My philosophy of writing -- and rewriting.
Published in California Lawyer, October 2003

Being of Sound Mind, and a $55 Consultation
Can a website write me a new will?
Published in The New York Times, December 14, 2000

Is That Your Final Answer?
My life as a juror.
Published in California Lawyer, May 2000

Clerkship Politics
A dialogue with Judge Alex Kozinski, of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, about the clash between a liberal clerk (me) and a conservative judge (him).
Published in The Green Bag, October 1998

This Child Does Have Two Mothers... And a Sperm Donor with Visitation
Published in NYU Review of Law and Social Change, November 1995

NYU Law School Commencement Speech
Published in Speeches / talks, May 1994

Behind the Gray Door: Williams, Secrecy, and the Federal Grand Jury
Published in NYU Law Review, January 1994