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Interior Design

If I can make it there . . .
The importance of New York to architects' careers
Published October October 2016

Concrete Makes a Comeback
Published in Interior Design, November 2014

Saving L.A.'s Modernist Houses, Several Different Ways
Keeping them safe, as galleries, showrooms, and even semi-private homes
Published in Interior Design, May 2014

How Giant Architecture Firms Encourage Design Excellence
Published in Interior Design, January 2014

Remembering the Royalton
Mourning Phiippe Starck's Miracle on 44th Street
Published in Interior Design, September 2007

Glass House, Great Performance
Merce Cunningham animates Philip Johnson's estate
Published in Interior Design, August 2007

Noguchi's Unknown Home
An apartment the world deserves to see
Published in Interior Design, December 2004