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F rom the seawall in Battery Park, in front of Castle Clinton:

Two piers project out into New York Harbor. The piers are the precise size of the World Trade Center towers. Each is 212 feet wide.

One is 1368 feet long, and points toward the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of our freedom.

The other is 1362 feet long, and points toward Ellis Island, the symbol of our pluralism.

Each pier is divided into 110 "floors" (with a horizontal band every 12 feet). Visitors walk out onto the first pier, representing Tower 1. As they pass over each floor, they encounter the story of what happened on that floor, including names of victims. Inevitably, as the "higher" floors are reached, the lists of victims become longer.

The experience is repeated on the second pier, representing Tower 2. Names of uniformed personnel who died on 9/11 will be inscribed in prominent locations.

Not to scale; for actual proportions, see map on next screen