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Photo generously provided by John Majoris, Aerial Photos of NJ

Updates from Fred Bernstein
March 4, 2002

Several people have asked whether the Twin Piers would obstruct boat traffic in New York Harbor. To answer that question, I have added an image of the world's largest cruise ship, the Voyager of the Seas, to the map on Page 3 of this website. The boat -- actual scale -- is dwarfed by New York Harbor.

In fact, almost all of the big boats that come through the Verrazano Narrows turn off for the Newark/Elizabeth container port before they reach Manhattan. I spent hours last month staring at the Harbor off Battery Park (I took a hotel room just for this purpose!), and the only boats I saw were ferries, whose routes needn't take them anywhere near these piers; and the Circle Line (which would have to change its itinerary a bit); and a small number of pleasure craft (whose owners I'm sure wouldn't mind having this additional "attraction" in the harbor). And for those occasional big boats that do continue up the Hudson, there would still be more than enough room, as the map makes clear. Indeed, the Kill Van Kull and Arthur Kill -- the routes gigantic tankers take to the container port -- are FAR narrower than what would remain of the Hudson River channel after the Twin Piers are built.