Fred A. Bernstein

Fred Bernstein has degrees in architecture (from Princeton University) and law (from NYU) and writes about both subjects. He lives in New York City and has two sons.


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NYU Law School Commencement Speech

Published in Speeches / talks, May 9, 1994

Clerkship Politics

A dialogue with Judge Alex Kozinski, of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, about the clash between a liberal clerk (me) and a conservative judge (him).

Published in The Green Bag, October 21, 1998

Don't Dodge the Drafts

My philosophy of writing -- and rewriting.

Published in California Lawyer, October 21, 2003

This Child Does Have Two Mothers... And a Sperm Donor with Visitation

Published in NYU Review of Law and Social Change, November 4, 1995

Being of Sound Mind, and a $55 Consultation

Can a website write me a new will?

Published in The New York Times, December 14, 2000

Is That Your Final Answer?

My life as a juror.

Published in California Lawyer, May 1, 2000

Behind the Gray Door: Williams, Secrecy, and the Federal Grand Jury

Published in NYU Law Review, January 1, 1994

Dean of the Decade

A portrait of Ricky Revesz

Published in NYU Law Alumni Magazine, January 2012
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