Fred A. Bernstein

Fred Bernstein has degrees in architecture (from Princeton University) and law (from NYU) and writes about both subjects. He lives in New York City and has two sons.


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A Congress for the Many, or the Few?

By performing "constituent services," senators and representatives short-circuit the democratic process, weakening separation of powers, equal protection, and other constitutional safeguards

Published in The New York Times, September 9, 2012

A Proposal for the Next New York World's Fair

It will be great for the city's economy, its infrastructure, and its reputation

Published in Design Observer, November 13, 2011

Move the United Nations to Ground Zero

The Freedom Tower could become a true symbol of freedom

Published in The New York Times, April 24, 2005

Let's make New York un-gateful

A proposal for improving New York's streets.

Published in The New York Daily News, November 4, 2003

An Online Peek at Your Politics

Do my neighbors need to know which candidates I support?

Published in The New York Times, October 4, 2000

A Landlord's Lament

Why owning a rental property made me uncomfortable

Published in The New York Times, November 27, 1999

For Taxes, the Web's the Limit

Technology could let the tax code get even more complicated.

Published in The Wall Street Journal, November 4, 1999
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