Fred A. Bernstein

Fred Bernstein has degrees in architecture (from Princeton University) and law (from NYU) and writes about both subjects. He lives in New York City and has two sons.


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A Makeover Too Far

The conspicuous consumption of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Published in Dwell, October 29, 2006

Power House

A Memphis architect draws on decades of experience to build what, by one measure, is the world's first zero-energy, zero-carbon home. [Nofe: I wrote the article but I don't agree with that measure. In reality, there is no such thing as a zero-energy or zero-carbon home.]

Published in Dwell, November 2021

Modern and Sustainable, on the Mississippi

A house in Memphis cuts it carbon footprint (albeit with offsets)

Published in Dwell, October 2000

Double Time

The last time Blake Trabulsi and Allison Orr had a party at their house in Austin, Texas, it lasted until 5 a.m. Observes Trabulsi: “People are so comfortable here, they never want to leave.”

Published in Dwell, January 15, 2009

Light Box

For Tad Beck, making a home out of a stolid, windowless warehouse meant opening it up from the inside out

Published in Dwell, January 15, 2009

Universal Appeal

Kirsten Axelsen and David Carmel, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a diving accident eight years ago, live in a Chelsea apartment that is easy on the eyes and easy for David to get around 

Published in Dwell, January 16, 2009

Stripped Ease

All of the money Barbara Hill poured into remodeling her 1960s condo in Houston was spent taking things out—and she couldn’t be happier


Published in Dwell, January 17, 2009

The Hill Bathroom

When designer Barbara Hill decided to renovate her 1960s condo in Houston, Texas, she stripped the bathroom down to its bare bones and saw beauty in the blemishes

Published in Dwell, October 10, 2009

Color 101: Hueless

Most modernists find color as attractive as traditional Tudors. Fred Bernstein, a resolute lover of neutrals, attempts to expand his horizon of hues

Published in Dwell, February 2, 2009