Fred A. Bernstein

Fred Bernstein has degrees in architecture (from Princeton University) and law (from NYU) and writes about both subjects. He lives in New York City and has two sons.


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Introspective (1stdibs)

The Side of North Korea That Isn't Making Headlines

A country of candy-colored architecture. Who knew? (Oliver Wainwright did.)

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), July 28, 2018test!

A Fellowship of Fabulists

The zany artistic duo of Kahn & Selesnick spin fantastical worlds that captivate collectors and critics alike

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), November 2021test!

Kali Is an Art World Sensation, 40 Years after She Hid Her Work Away

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), January 1, 2000test!

An Insider's Look at Stanford White's Houses

His descendant, architect Samuel White, leads the tour

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 1, 2021test!

Pierre Jeanneret's Chandigarh furniture is exceedingly popuar right now. Many of the pieces are fakes.

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 6, 2021test!

Radical Houses

A new book looks at more than 50 recently completed, architecturally ambitious Japanese dwellings

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), August 2015test!

Sean Leffers Has Won Fans with Houses He’s Designed for His Own Young Family

The California-based interiors wunderkind creates smart, soulful homes that feel like extensions of their occupants

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), January 10, 2021test!

At the Somerset House, a Former Menswear Designer Offers Vintage Furniture with Wit and Edge

Alan Eckstein, cofounder of the label Timo Weiland, turns his gaze from fashionable clothing to timeless objects

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), April 22, 2022test!

Haute Humble

Decades into a renowned career, the Seattle architect Tom Kundig continues using humble materials to create pared-down forms that exist in harmony with their often-spectacular settings

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), March 30, 2015test!

Dylan Farrell Crafts Bold, Dynamic Spaces in Australia and Beyond

The American designer has built his reputation on helping clients express their personalities through their homes

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), April 3, 2022test!

Meet a Modernist Architect Who Really Understands What His Clients Want

Working from his studios in Chicago and New York City, Dirk Denison designs residences that are uniquely tailored to the individuals who call them home

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 2018test!

Aidlin Darling Designs for the Senses

As much sculptors of space and curators of experience as they are architects, the partners of San Francisco's Aidlin Darling Design create emotionally evocative residences that appeal to more than just the eye

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), November 30, 2015test!

Diane Keaton Pinned Thousands of Images to Create Her Dream Home

The Academy Award–winning actress and design maven tells us how she turned to the image-collecting site for inspiration in planning her new house

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 29, 2017test!

Appreciating Zaha Hadid

The late starchitect had a penchant — and a gift — for designing instantly iconic objects, from cars to sofas to bracelets

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), May 16, 2016test!

Two MoMA Design Shows Explore Ways of Living

The exhibitions look at daily life in very different ways: via mid-century modernist interiors and through temporary homes for refugees

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), November 28, 2016test!

Barbara Bestor Designs Houses That Hover

The California architect has found herself in high demand, thanks to her floating foundations and walls that open to the world

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), January 1, 2000test!

Isay Weinfeld Is the Opposite of a Starchitect

Brazil’s leading design talent executes Bauhaus minimalism with near-magical moments of drama in a string of understated hotels and homes

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), April 25, 2016test!

Brooklyn Revivalist

Equal parts preservationist and renovationist, California-born Brooklyn-based architect Elizabeth Roberts has cultivated a collection of discriminating clients who come to her for sensitive and smart redesigns of historic residences in her home borough

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), August 10, 2015test!

‘Marfa Modern’ Looks at Minimalist Living in an Art World Mecca

If everything is bigger in Texas, Marfa is the exception. A new book examines the homes in this art-focused desert city, where less is best

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), November 21, 2016test!

Madeline Stuart’s Houses Have a ‘Heartbeat’

The Southern California interior designer has won the trust of her high-flying clients by mixing materials, styles and eras to make rooms come alive

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), June 26, 2017test!

Wood Has Become a Bold 21st-Century Material

Architects and designers are using humble timber to create awe-inspiring structures and interiors around the globe

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), May 15, 2017test!

Relationship Builders

Fresh off a series of successes (including the new Philadelphia home of the Barnes Foundation) and one preservationist brouhaha (the imminent destruction of their beloved 2001 American Folk Art Museum), the husband-and-wife architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are looking to the future, with projects from Mexico City to Mumbai

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), May 28, 2014test!

Inside a Brooklyn Home and Shop Where Mid-Century Magic Reigns

MDFG cofounders Jeffrey Graetsch and Ashley Booth Klein, who also happen to be a married couple, have filled their apartment and their gallery with works by mid-century design icons

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 7, 2018test!

How Noguchi Elevated Ashtrays to Objets d’Art

Smoking might have fallen out of fashion, but these ashtrays have enduring design appeal

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), March 8, 2020test!

François Catroux Reflects on a Career of Elite Interiors

Having created rarefied spaces for decades, the legendary French designer has finally agreed to document his impressive body of work in a new book

Published in Introspective (1stdibs), October 10, 2016test!